Digital Variations Model
DVM is a modern, dynamically developing company that relies on its team’s
long-term experience and the achievement of world leaders in the field of
industrial and infrastructural engineering, as well as modern information
technologies for design and construction management.

Our mission is to give an innovative development tool and to provide support for a steady progress!
Along with the experience, the main principle of success is the use of modern information technologies and innovations in methods of cost evaluation and management of construction projects. Based on the declared policy of the "digital economy" development and state support for innovations, DVM counts on supporting BIM technology as a key tool for creating a sustainable development path and gaining competitive advantages through the formation of a New Vision for projects implementation.
Our mission is to give an innovative development tool and to provide support for a steady progress.
Our team
Mr. Petrov Fedor Nikolaevich - General Director of LLC "DVM"
Mr. Petrov has a higher technical education; in 2000 he graduated from the Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman in specialty "Systems of the Computer-Assisted Design”.
Corporate slogan:
Technological innovations require changing the paradigm of thinking and modification of the usual life guidelines, hence the key ability of a specialist becomes his readiness for constant learning. Our task is to create a dynamic design teams and jointly meet modern challenges, transforming our experience into a constant progress.
Aspiration to be dynamic, confidently meet new challenges transforms the human personality, making it open, clear, standing in the way of humanism and enlightenment. Remain human aspiring to the technologies.
Sports (running, competitive skiing), art history, architectural travels.
Work experience:
Breakthrough projects related to the development of information technologies in construction and design.
One of the latest, interesting and socially important projects was the complete reconstruction of the Central Stadium "Dynamo". The task was not only to create a modern stadium taking into account the latest achievements in sports technologies, but also to create a cultural leisure center. In this project, the information modeling technology fully demonstrated its capabilities. With the help of BIM technology, it was possible to carefully preserve the unique architectural heritage of the previous stadium - the Western Tribune (Main entrance group) and the sculptural bas-reliefs.
Our specialists lived through a long business of
successful implementation of “turnkey” projects in the following industry sectors:
Chemical industry
Military-industrial complex
Extractive industry
Atomic, electric and thermal power engineering
Infrastructure Engineering
МWe support a partnership with domestic and worldwide leaders in the field of industrial and infrastructure engineering, software vendors and leading consulting companies in the field of design and construction management innovative technologies.
The company provides consulting services for complex implementation
launch and accompaniment of projects based on
BIM technology

Project cost estimation
Estimation of cost of the investment project at pre-design stage by means of various methods, including investment analysis methods, creation of conceptual versions of the project complex models for the analysis of technical solutions.
All types of services for preparation and launch of a project based on BIM technology, including selection and training of both own and contractor's personnel selection and configuration of the software and hardware complex, contractual, regulatory and methodological support that takes into account the specifics of work in BIM technology.
Preparation and launch of the project
Support in the design and construction
works as a BIM contractor:

The financial-
technical Supervision

A complex of expert, verification and control procedures for monitoring the design and construction process of the facility, as well as confirmation to the lending bank of the targeted expenditure of funds. It includes services for project documentation, production and technical and budget consulting.
and price audit

Technological and price auditing is conducted to confirm the validity of project implementation and search efficiency alternative technical, technological and organizational options to maximize the protection of interests not only state, but also private customers.
Modern directions of development in the conditions of digital economy and innovations require a strategic selection of set of tools, with which help the maximum benefit will be gained from the conditions, provided by the latest technological breakthroughs.
of errors
Improving the communication between managers and designers
Improving the
company’s image
Reducing the number of design changes
Reducing the cost of construction
Growth of control over expenses, increase in forecasts accuracy
Reducing total duration of the project
Entering new markets